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Thank you for choosing or considering our facility for your surgical needs!  The Ohio Surgery Center is dedicated to providing the best healthcare available.  We want to extend that commitment to looking out for your financial health as well.  We want to be your patient advocate by helping you anticipate your out of pocket expenses for the elective surgeries we perform so there are no cost surprises on the back end.  


What is Included in the Estimate
Estimates are provided as a courtesy to allow you to better anticipate your out of patient expenses for upcoming surgeries or surgeries you may need in the future.  It is possible that your actual price or out-of-pocket costs could vary from the estimate.  Estimates are not final and may be subject to change due to a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, medical complications, additional procedures that are not selected/included in this estimate, hardware and implants your surgeon may use, or changes in your insurance benefits. 

 Surgery involves up to five separate bills. Our bill, Ohio Surgery Center, is the facility fee. It is typically the most expensive; it includes all of the things needed for surgery such as anesthesia gases, supplies, drugs, equipment, the OR time, and recovery time. The second surgical bill is generated from your Surgeon; this is for his/her professional time. For most surgeries performed at the surgery center, anesthesia is administered. The third surgical bill is from the anesthesiologist for his/her professional time. The last two potential surgical bills will only be received if your Surgeon sends pathology off for review. These bills would come from the facility/lab where the pathology is sent and from the Pathologists who reads the results.

This estimate is only valid for the facility fee for the selected procedure at the Ohio Surgery Center. Our estimates/fees do not include your surgeon, anesthesiologist, pathology lab or pathologist. We are working on that upgrade in the future.  In the meantime, you may obtain estimates for the surgeon by calling 614-273-2250 or for the anesthesiologist by calling 614-588-8395.  You will want to have the length of surgery and CPT codes available when you call.

Thank you for your understanding.

**Disclaimer: The Ohio Surgery Center makes no guarantees regarding the accuracy of the pricing information provided herein. The pricing information provided by this website is strictly an estimate of prices, and the Ohio Surgery Center cannot guarantee the accuracy of any estimates. All estimates are based on information provided by a prospective patient and do not include, among other things, any unforeseen complications, additional tests or procedures, and non-facility related charges, any of which may increase the ultimate cost of the services provided. Any prospective patient should understand that a final bill for services rendered at the Ohio Surgery Center may differ from the information provided by this website, and The Ohio Surgery Center shall not be liable for any inaccuracies. Pricing effective as of August 1, 2019.


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By electing to use our online estimate service, you are attesting that you are obtaining the estimate for yourself or an immediate family member for the purpose of anticipating personal expenses for a planned or potential surgery at the Ohio Surgery Center and not using the information to access proprietary contract information to be used for another purpose.

For insurance companies and procedures not listed on the website or for self-pay pricing, please call 614-451-5041 to obtain an estimate from one of our friendly staff members.


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