In this day and age of rising healthcare cost and more of the burden of the financial responsibility falling on the patient, more than ever…knowledge is power!

Did you know that statistics show that 63% of patients have more than a $1,000 deductible (that is the amount of money you must pay out of your pocket before the insurance will begin to pay)? That is a lot of money for the average family.

Did you know that on average 23% of the amount allowed by your insurance company for any given procedure is the responsibility of the patient?

Did you know that the average maximum out of pocket for a family is $3,000 (that is the amount of money the family must pay before the insurance will pay at 100% – it often does not include the deductible amount)?

Most people feel like they have no control of managing these costs. But little do they know, that where a service is performed can greatly affect the price you pay.

You read that right! You can have the same CT or surgery ordered or performed by the same physician, but the cost can vary drastically based on where the service is provided. This is true for all medical services. This could add up to big savings for you as the patient as well as keep healthcare costs down overall to include for your employer (aka more money available for raises for staff).

The goal in shopping for your healthcare is to search for value. Value is the sum of quality plus cost. There is a misconception in healthcare that low cost means low quality. Often times lower costs come with greater efficiencies. Let us help you learn how to ensure quality and access for cost data when searching for care.

The Ohio Surgery Center is turning our passion of ensuring quality care, our passion for providing affordable care, and our passion of ensuring that patients know the cost of their care upfront into usable education for patients.