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Thank you for choosing our facility for your surgical needs. The Ohio Surgery Center is dedicated to providing the best healthcare available. We want to extend that commitment to looking out for your financial health as well. At all steps of the billing process, we will remain your patient advocate.

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Surgery involves up to five separate bills. Our bill, Ohio Surgery Center, is the facility bill. It is typically the most expensive; it include all of the things needed for surgery such as anesthesia gases, supplies, drugs, equipment, the OR time, and recovery time. Click here to view a sample of our statement with explanations. The next bill will be from your Surgeon; this is for his/her professional time. For most surgeries performed at the surgery center, anesthesia is administered. The third bill is from the anesthesiologist for his/her professional time. The last two bills will only be received if your Surgeon sends pathology off for review. These bills would come from the facility where the pathology is sent and from the Pathologists who reads the results.

The information provided below is in reference to the Ohio Surgery Center bill only.

As a courtesy prior to surgery, we will contact your insurance company to obtain your benefit information for outpatient surgery for the facility. You will be contacted by a Scheduling and Financial Coordinator who will provide you with your deductible, co-pay, and coinsurance. Co-pays are due on the date of service. All deductibles and coinsurance will be billed once your insurance processes your claim. Estimates for the facility portion of the bill are available upon request from your Scheduling and Financial Coordinator; you will need to provide them with the patient’s name, the Surgeon’s name, the surgery date, your Insurance Company, a phone number to reach you, the type of surgery you are having, and all CPT codes for the surgery that you are having. If you do not have your CPT codes, you can get them from your Surgeon’s office. The Scheduling and Financial Coordinators contact information is available here. Please allow 48 hours for someone to return your call.

The Ohio Surgery Center’s Financial Policy is to retain open accounts in our office for a maximum of ninety days after the insurance company has paid or denied a claim unless reasonable arrangements have been established with the center. Cosmetic and Self-pay charges are due in full prior to surgery.

We offer convenient payment options that include cash, check, credit card (except American Express), electronic check, recurring automatic payment plan, the ability to pay via our 

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