Credit Care

We also offer payment options through Care Credit. This is a credit card for medical expenses only. It offers up to 18 months of interest free financing for qualifying individuals with a balance of $300.00 or greater.

We think you will find this a convenient plan for all your healthcare needs. You may apply online at by clicking on the link below. You will need to enter the provider name of Ohio Surgery Center with Dr. David Kelly listed as the main contact person. Once you are approved, please contact the center with your account number.

Please Note: This is a revolving line of credit through a third party vendor.  It is important to close the account when you are finished using it.  The statements that come for Care Credit will be for minumium payment due.  You will want to pay more than this monthly.  It is important to pay off the full bill prior to the term being up and to pay your monthly payments on time to ensure that it remains interest free.  If a balance is left when the term is up interest will be charged on the entire amount borrowed not just want is remaining as due.  If you will not be able to pay the balance off in time or make your monthly payments , please discuss other options will us prior to selecting this option.  Care Credit does offer 2,3, or 4 year long term payment plans with interest on balances over $1,000.00.