The surgeons who bring their patients here may have an investment in the center.  You are always free to choose a different facility for your surgery.

 The Ohio Surgery Center is owned and operated by Ohio Surgery Center, LLC consisting of:

  • James Barlow
  • Subinoy Das
  • Dr. Alfred Fleming
  • Dr. Iain Grant
  • Dr. Akash Gupta
  • Dr. Jeffrey Hall
  • Dr. Joe Hall
  • Dr. Jeffery Hiltbrand
  • Dr. Steven Hirsch
  • Dr. Richard Irene
  • Dr. James Lowery
  • Dr. Michael Martyn
  • Dr. Blaize O’Brien
  • Dr. David Powell
  • Premier Anesthesiologists, Ltd
  • Dr. Cherie Ryoo
  • Dr. Ashish Shah
  • Dr. Adam Spiess
  • Dr. Evan Tobin
  • Dr. Darryl Willett

Revised September 2015