Don’t Let Your Child’s Condition go Undiagnosed

Does your child complain about pain or discomfort? Have you noticed such recurring symptoms as:

  • Recurring ear pain
  • Recurring ear infections
  • Difficulty sleeping because of snoring
  • Recurring strep throat
  • Difficulty swallowing or eating

If this is the case, your child may be suffering from a condition that could easily be alleviated. We can help! Contact us for a FREE phone evaluation.

Ohio Surgery Center - ENT

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About Ohio ENT & Allergy Physicians in the greater Columbus, OH area

Ohio ENT & Allergy Physicians is Ohio’s largest and most comprehensive, independent Otolaryngology (ENT) and Allergy group. The number of Board Certified ENTs and allergists makes this group uniquely beneficial to patients. Our offices are located throughout central Ohio and participate with all of the hospital systems and with most insurance plans. Ohio ENT & Allergy Physicians strives to provide the highest quality care to adults and children.

Our expert physicians offer a number of treatments and procedures to treat allergy and asthma, provide pediatric ENT and allergy services, alleviate nasal and sinus issues, provide ear and hearing care, and treat throat and neck problems. Our ENT specialists will be able to diagnose and treat either with medication and/or a surgical procedure.

About Ohio Surgery Center

The Ohio Surgery Center is a Joint Commission accredited facility dedicated to providing the highest quality ENT surgical care for infants, children and adults. The team uses modern, state of the art techniques to maximize patient outcomes in a safe, convenient and cost effective environment. 

Ohio Surgery Center specializes in treating common and complex pediatric and adolescent ENT problems with a wide range of outpatient surgical services, including Ear Tube Insertion, Adenoidectomy Tonsillectomy and Sinus Surgery.


Ohio Surgery Center 
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